Focus on the Problem, not the Distractions

As we walk further towards our goals, whether it’s a career, personal, life, etc, distractions get louder. More so, when the pandemic started. There is an increasing amount of social anxiety, life doubts, career stagnation, and instabilities.

In my journey, I was not short of such distractions. It came to a point where waking up or performing daily routines can be a mess. Everyone has a breaking point or many breaking points. The times we fill our minds with such negativity, what-ifs, self-doubt, and distraught lead to endless depression.

This is the real world and facing reality is a pain sometimes.

At times like this, gems will start to formulate in front of you but you will be blinded because faith and belief are at the bottom of your priorities while dark clouds of negative energy surface at the top. You can be mindful of this moment when you truly listen to yourself saying this; “this does not work”, “I don’t know what to do”, “Life is a mess”, “Everything sucks”, “I’m not good enough”. If you continue to mull and feed on this negative energy, the gems that pop up in front of you to get you out of this instability will slowly fade away and appear lesser.

That is when you start to make the wrong decisions and fire your closest companions that stayed true to you. Fights happen, mistrust exists, war erupts…

Being inspired is not simply a tick box in your to-do list, it is a choice we have to make everyday and it takes time.

That’s why videos like this bring great meaning into our lives

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There are times, we have to focus on the problem and close our ears to distractions that sway us from getting us to where we want to be. It is not being ignorant, unempathetic, arrogant, or selfish. It’s a self-healing or self-awareness method so you can achieve more greatness and inspire others to walk the same path as you.

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