Winning in Consistency

Eating half-boiled eggs are an Asian favourite..with soya sauce and pepper. However, cooking half boiled eggs is a skill in itself.


1. The eggs need to be in room temperature.
2. If you took it out of the fridge, soak in water for about 15 - 30 mins.
3. Start boiling water

1. Once the water is boiling hot, pour it in a tin cup.
2. Put in your eggs.. carefully
3. Let it sit for 8 mins

After the bell rings, take the eggs out instantly to cool off and serve.

The steps are very simple but achieving high consistency in the cooked eggs is quite a challenge for me – I must say. Simple things can be hard. Anyhoo, I decided to let my partner take up this task, giving him proper instructions as above. He followed it like a bible, and viola we have this 👇

White and creamy egg whites with soft egg yolks. One of the best results so far. What’s more fascinating is that he manage to get the same impeccable results every weekend. In the end my kid and I would just have him manage our half boiled eggs breakfast meal. 

Now the story above baffled me for quite sometime. The recipe was from the same source – me. But how could it possibly be that one might not reach the level of consistency that the other one can?

I think, this is a matter of how one consumes and follows instructions. I am clearly one that does not take instructions strictly, believing in natural instincts and freefall creativity. I can never stick to a routine as my mind is in all places. If you are like me, you will find it hard to cook and read maps. 😅

Once my lecturer told me:

You never can achieve the results because you take shortcuts

university lecturer

I believe it to be true now.

But what is surprising to me is that I am naturally drawn to people and things that are in an orderly fashion. There are my sole motivators and model in life. And in that journey, I picked up hobbies, crafts and careers that put things in order.

While this post is not supposed to be on my life choices, today I realised an important lesson that I would like to share based on our half-boiled egg experience.

  1. WINNING is achieving the same result over and over again.
  2. CONSISTENCIES is what keeps people drawn to us.
  3. PRACTICING any craft is what keeps us from achieving consistent results.


While I wallow in self-pity over eggs I could never achieve with such consistency, my kid reminded me that my pancakes are the best. Well, that was a recipe I practiced until perfection just for my son. 🥴