I want to quit, but I removed myself out of the equation instead

As leaders with a go-getter and winning attitude, we tend to start stacking up loads of responsibilities on our plates. Everything is a possibility and arrogantly enough, everyone seems to think that we are the ones that might make things work. Our schedules are always packed, our phones keep ringing and people are reaching out to us to solve any problems they’ve got. We feel elated, wanted and powerful because we are in control.

But in due time, these stacks of work buries us and we start drowning in our fears, doubt, anguish and stress. Our great intentions driven by positivity is now replaced with negativity and discontentment. Sometimes, we don’t know it ourselves, but we speak more harshly, we want to quit all the time and we start to protect ourselves, our work, our people mindlessly.

That’s when leaders break apart. You know it when you feel like quitting everyday you go to work but still you can’t let go.

When you are in this situation, remove yourself from the equation instead but don’t quit. You can step away from projects, distribute major tasks away or take a long break. The feeling before can be pretty intense: 

  • The team cannot work without me. They will be lost!
  • I have major meetings coming up next few weeks. No one can stand in for me.
  • My boss might thing I am slacking if I take a few weeks off.
  • I need to close the quarter with some results and time is running short.
  • What if I missed a big client opportunity when I am in my long break?

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is what will encroach into your mind even though you know you need take the time off to be just YOU. However, you have to take this step and let go. 

This is what I did – I end up writing mindless blogs, devouring into my other passions, exercising and binge on dramas. It felt absolutely FANTASTIC! And the best part was, I got to find out the strengths of my team and create some new ideas of my own in the process. When I get back to work, I feel like a new ME  – fresh and re-energized. This would be how good leaders are made.

We should learn to trust the people beneath us to do the work that they are hired to do. When we leave responsibilities to others, it gives other people the ability shine and be the star. This allows them to be responsible and progress in their work. This sense of fulfilment between us as leaders or people we lead would be how great organizations can be born and sustain. Therefore remember, sometimes you need to move yourself out of the equation and let others step in.

6 + 4 = 10

3 + 3 + 4 = 10

Get it?