A Covid-19 Piece, what Social Distancing has taught me.

The virus outbreak came into our country, Malaysia at breakneck speed. People are getting sick, everyone did not know how to react and that’s when our government requested us to go into an MCO mode – Movement Control Order. 23 March – the nation fell silent.

Several months later, the nation is preparing to kick-start again. But how is the new norm going to affect us?


In the months where we were told to #stayathome #workfromhome, things were getting increasingly busy. Conference calls, video calls, phone calls, chats – the digital space was crowded. Our devices have sucked up all our physical energy used for motion. We felt more tired as before even without travelling from one place or another. I was caught in this cloud of connectivity, it felt that we just realised how important technology are to us. 

We have truly replace physical motion with speed typing or talking.

As I stepped out of my house to take a morning breather I realised that Covid-19 was a warning sign to us humans from mother nature – reminding us to slow down. We were taking up more than we should, deteriorating the world from it’s resources – we are killing ourselves and our future generations at lightning speed. As an individual, from the start of this outbreak, I ignored the subtle message from this outbreak but succumb to workplace pressure to capatilize on this moment as we are in the technology business.

Why not attract, promote and sell more?

We are all humans (asian in particular), we work to sustain ourselves and to ensure we can continue to survive. While there is another part of the nation or world who tries to provide relief to the sick and the poor. I am guilty of the prior notion … until today. The big shift started because I was physically and emotionally tired .. without any sense of fulfilment over the past months.

I forgot to slow down and “Todd Henry” with his podcast of “Taking Time To Invest In Yourself” make me realise an important thing.

The New Normal

Covid-19 is an outbreak that is cruel and uncontrollable – it spreads like forest fires. This is a reflection of us as humans.

We either continue as normal or move into the new norm. The norm comprises of how everyone should re-adjust their way of living, working or socialising.

Start by re-adjusting our lives. And as for me, I think I’ll just take the advices that Todd has put in his podcast.

  1. Self reflect
  2. Invest in myself
  3. Side hustle for the future.