It takes more than one to Drive Growth

“Growth” is an unavoidable term now in any startup or business organisations especially in software and technology companies. This term is definitely not new as we have seen blogs, tweets, conferences on Growth 5 years ago when startups and entrepreneurship is a trend.

However existing organisations within Malaysia have not adopted any of these methodologies yet until the maybe the last 2 years. The term has exploded in our local scene. Every training course, materials, conference in Asia talks about driving growth. Organisations are restructuring to fit growth teams into their charts. No one wants to be left behind but are we doing it right?

People who have been following the Growth space knows that “Growth Hacking” has been publicised by Sean Ellis in his book “Hacking Growth” that drove many startups to adopt the methodology in hopes to create sensational growth results like Dropbox, AirBnb, Paypal, etc. Although these case studies inspires many to stand up and act on growth, it does contains methods that is non-repeatable now to drive the exact results because everyone is doing it. As what Andrew Chen has mentioned in this blog post 

Make no mistake, by the time someone is sharing a successful growth hack in their company blog, the specific technique has already been milked for all it’s worth. The value is in knowing why all these other recipes work and then applying those learnings to your own situation.

Andrew Chen,

It is about knowing core fundamentals and designing our own innovative ideas that drives effective tactics.

This blog is a documentation of my thought process, perspective and experiences on Growth and specialized topics in Marketing, Product Marketing Management and Analytics.

I sincerely hope it can be of guidance to anyone who is trekking the same growth path as I am.

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